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Visa Gift Card

Never get the wrong gift with an Ubay pre-paid Visa® Gift Card.

No matter the reason or the person, a pre-paid Visa® Gift Card from Ubay will be the perfect gift. You can also order a Ubay Visa® Gift Card for yourself to securely pay bills or make online purchases. The uses are endless!

  • Can be used anywhere Visa® is accepted.
  • Available in any amount between $10 and $1000.

For more details, feel free to contact us. To pick up a card, stop in any location. 

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Turn your spending into rewards!

The United Bay Community Credit Union Visa® Credit Card provides the power to access cash, handle unexpected expenses, and earn rewards through the Ubay Purchase Perks program for various everyday purchases, all with a low interest rate, no annual fee, and a range of benefits.