Young woman shopping online with debit card

Debit/ATM Cards

A card you can use for this, that and lots of other things

Your Ubay Mastercard Debit Card is as versatile as those pocketknives with a half-dozen blades, several screwdrivers and a bottle opener. It can help you shop online or in stores, withdraw cash from ATMs and fight back against fraud. And that's not all.

  • Mastercard Debit Cards come free with United Bay Community Credit Union Checking and Savings Accounts
  • Make payments online and at millions of locations worldwide
  • There's never any interest charges on debit card purchases
  • Access your accounts from a nationwide network of thousands of surcharge-free ATMs
  • With Mastercard's Zero Liability policy, you won't be held responsible for unauthorized purchases
  • Mastercard provides ID theft protection that includes suspicious card activity alerts, credit monitoring and ID theft resolution services
  • Each card purchase is detailed on your Online Banking page and monthly account statement, allowing you to keep close tabs on your spending patterns
To discover more about Ubay's Mastercard Debit Card and learn how to obtain yours,  please contact us or stop in at any branch.