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Protecting your personal information is our top priority

The security of your personal information is a primary goal of United Bay Community Credit Union. That is why we will never ask you for confidential information, like full social security number, full bank account number, debit or credit card numbers, CVV or PIN in an email or via a website, online chat or from an unsolicited phone call. If you receive a suspicious email or phone call requesting confidential information, it is not from Ubay. We are happy to help answer any questions that you may have and appreciate your partnership as we take more steps to protect you and your financial accounts. You can reduce the risk of falling victim to fraudulent phone calls and text messages by following these steps:

  • Be aware - legitimate businesses do not make unsolicited calls for personal, sensitive information. If you receive an unsolicited call asking this, it is probably a scam.
  • Don't give in to pressure - Many times the caller will pressure or try and scare you into giving your personal information. If so, simply hang up.
  • Don't answer phone calls from unknown numbers. Valid callers will leave a message.
  • Don't respond to unverified SMS texts asking you to call your financial institution. Text messages from us never contain hyperlinks or requests for confidential information. 
  • Stay calm - These callers are masters at emotional string-pulling. When in doubt, hang up.
  • Be skeptical - Caller ID can be faked. Hanging up is your best defense.
  • Never share a One-Time-Password (OTP) with anyone. OTPs are generated to verify your identity and criminals are anxious to obtain them by asking you to read OTPs to them over the phone or via text.
  •  Ubay offers complimentary account security alerts. You may create alerts at any time by logging into a secure online banking session and Click on the services tab and choose enhanced eAlerts.
  • Carefully review your statements regularly and contact us if you notice any unauthorized activity.

Empowering You Against Fraud

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Banking in your hands.

United Bay Community Credit Union is all about making your life a breeze. We're on a mission to bring you the latest in technology, ensuring you can access your accounts in a flash, whether you're on the go or simply kicking back on your couch.