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Board of Directors

The United Bay Community Credit Union Board of Directors is elected by, and accountable to Ubay’s members. The board oversees all credit union operations including approving major financial decisions, allocating resources, directing corporate strategies, setting organizational goals and representing Ubay in our local community and the national credit union community.

Made up of volunteers who are elected by the credit union’s membership, board members are chosen who display sound judgment, operational efficiency and a strong understanding of finance. They accept the time commitment necessary to serve in their esteemed position and work hard to keep their finger on the pulse of the Ubay community.

United Bay Community Credit Union Board of Directors and CEO:

  • Diane Abbonizio, President/CEO
  • Chairperson – Chris Houle
  • Vice-Chair – Don Goulet
  • Treasurer – Dennis Geno
  • Secretary – Kelly Johnson
  • Louie Roth
  • Davene Ivey
  • Renay Schmidt
  • Libby Howard, Associate Member
  • Mary Bosco, Associate Member
  • Nickie Ross, Associate Member

Each director is elected to serve a 3-year term and is eligible to be re-elected for additional terms.