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Build your savings by adding to
your share certificate a little at a time.

You can start a Youth Share Certificate with as little as $25 and add to it at any time.

Criteria to Open Account:

  • Must maintain $5 in primary share account
  • Youth's name is primary on account
  • Minimum deposit to open Share Certificate is $25
  • Share Certificate must be in youth's name as primary
  • Share Certificate in youth's Social Security number
  • Deposits can be added to the Share Certificate in amounts of $1 or more


  • 6 month Share Certificate
  • Rate is subject to change after 6 month term - will renew at current 6 month term
  • Penalty for early withdrawal


The Youth Share Certificate will renew like a normal Share Certificate, until the 1st maturity after the member turns 18 years of age. At that maturity if the balance (after the dividend) is greater than or equals $500, the Share Certificate will convert to a normal 6 month Share Certificate; - if the balance (after the dividend) is less than $500, the Share Certificate will not renew and the funds will be transferred to the Share (savings) account.

United Bay Community Credit Union Youth Share Certificate earns a competitive yield and is insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union administration, (NCUA) a U.S. Government Agency.


To connect with our members by inspiring trust and providing
the financial support they need to establish roots and thrive.

Providing our members the resources
to develop strong financial roots.