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The Terms, Conditions and Disclosures for Electronic Services ("Agreement") apply to Your use of the Internet Banking, Electronic Statements, Electronic Alerts, Bill Payment, and ancillary web services, which permits You to access Your Accounts with United Bay Community Credit Union (Us) via the Internet for services selected by You and agreed upon by Us.

The following information describes the various types of Internet Banking Services, which are available to members together with your rights and responsibilities concerning these transactions, including your rights under the Electronic Funds Transfer Act. PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT CAREFULLY. You may want to print or save this document for future reference, or if you would like to receive a paper copy you may email your request to, call Member Services at (989) 892-4597, or use our secure messaging service though our Online Banking system (ubay@HOME Home Banking). Some information may not pertain to you.

Electronic Funds Transfers are deposits to, withdrawals from, or transfers between your accounts, which are not originated by check, draft or similar paper instrument. If your account(s) involves such transfers, you have certain rights under law, which are described below. PLEASE CONTACT US BY CALLING THE ABOVE TELEPHONE NUMBER OR USE OUR SECURE MESSAGING SERVICE THROUGH OUR ONLINE BANKING SYSTEM (ubay@HOME HOME BANKING) IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS.

1. Defined Terms
As used in this Agreement, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

"Account" or "Accounts"

Means Your deposit and loan accounts with Us including but not limited to: share draft, money market, share certificate and share savings account(s) accessible

"Account Balance"

Means collected funds to include availability of funds pursuant to a credit line agreement.

"Bill Payment"

Means the process or payment by which We pay Your designated Payee based on Your Payment Instructions.

"Business Day"

Means Monday through Friday, excluding Federal holidays.


Means Our Internet bill payment application designed for Your online convenience.

"Credit Union"

Means United Bay Community Credit Union and its affiliates, subsidiaries and any agent, independent contractor, designee or assignee which this Credit Union may, in its sole discretion, employ in the provision of this service.

"Home Banking" or "Internet Banking"

Means Our Internet application designed for Your online banking convenience. This includes any services provided within or attached to the Internet Banking system/application. This includes Internet Banking, Electronic Statements, Electronic Alerts, and Bill Payment services.

"eAlerts" or "Electronic Alerts"

Means Our Internet Electronic Alerts application designed to send communications regarding Your account and/or services.
"eStatements" or "Electronic Statements"

Electronic communications of your monthly/quarterly account statement including disclosures that we are required to give you from time to time under federal law.

1. The Truth in Savings Act;
2. The Electronic Fund Transfers Act; and
3. The Expedited Funds Availability Act.

- Other periodic or special notices (such as change in terms notices, hold notices on availability of funds, or error resolution notices if you assert your rights under the federal consumer protection laws and regulations).

- Notices regarding our privacy practices and policies.

"Electronic Record"

Means a contract or other record created, generated, sent, communicated, received, or stored by electronic means.

"Funds Transfer"

Means the allocation of funds from one accessible Account to another accessible Account.

"Malware" Short for malicious software, is software designed to infiltrate a computer system without the owner's informed consent


Means the biller to whom You wish a Bill Payment to be directed.

"Payment Instructions"

Means the information provided by You to schedule a Bill Payment to be made to Your Payee, subject to the limitations in this Agreement.

"Phishing" The criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication

"Processing Date"

Means the Business Day Your Account is debited.

"Spyware" A type of malware that is installed on computers and collects information about users without their knowledge.


Means each Payment Instruction or Funds Transfer.

"User Identification" Means a unique set of alphanumeric and/or other characters that represent Your individual account and are used to access Internet Banking.
"Virus" A computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer, normally with malicious intent.

"We," "Our, " and "Us"

United Bay Community Credit Union.

"You" and "Your"

Mean each depositor on an Account accessible by this online service.

2. Authorization
This Agreement applies to all persons that are parties to the Accounts. This Agreement contains the terms and conditions governing Internet Banking and ancillary services, including disclosures required by federal law. Please read this Agreement carefully and keep a copy for Your records.

By subscribing to Internet Banking, You acknowledge that You have received and read this Agreement and agree to its terms and conditions. You also acknowledge that this Agreement has been accepted by one or more of the persons who established the subject Account with Us. By choosing to use Internet Banking, you agree that the terms and conditions in this Agreement, and any amendments or changes hereafter, apply to You and any others whom You permit to use Internet Banking. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, you may not use Internet Banking. By using Internet Banking, you consent to the electronic transmission or personal financial information. Your consent will be deemed effective for as long as you use Internet Banking.

You agree that each owner of an Account is authorized to access all of the funds held in that Account. We are entitled to act on Transaction instructions received using Your Account Number or User Identification and Password and You agree that the use of your Account Number or User Identification and Password will have the same effect as Your signature authorizing the Transaction. You are responsible for keeping Your passwords and account data confidential.

3. Access and Functions
Using your computer or other Internet-access device, You can access Internet Banking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except during any special, scheduled or unscheduled maintenance periods. Not all features of Internet Banking may be available if you access the system from a mobile device, or system not meeting the system requirements. Using Your assigned Account Number or User Identification and Password, You can, subject to these Terms and Conditions and the applicable service specifications:

View select Account information

Internet Banking and eStatements

Transfer funds among Your eligible Accounts

Internet Banking

Download transaction information Internet Banking and eStatements
Withdraw funds by draft Internet Banking

View transaction history

Bill Payment, Internet Banking and eStatements

Schedule bill payments from eligible Accounts

Bill Payment

Send and receive secure messages to / from authorized Credit Union representatives

Bill Payment and Internet Banking

View Account Statements eStatements
View Credit Card information Internet Banking
Receive alerts relating to certain actions or status of your account(s) Bill Payment and eAlerts

Additional features may exist; and may be added, changed, or removed entirely at any time, with or without prior notification.

4. Hardware and Software Requirements
To use Internet Banking, You will need Internet access (if by modem, 14.4 baud or higher); an Internet browser that supports Secure Sockets Layer with 128-bit encryption, We recommend Internet Explorer 7.0 (or greater), Mozilla Firefox 3.0 (or greater), Google Chrome 11.0 (or greater), or another Internet Browser that supports HTML 4.0, SSL encryption, and 128-bit encryption; software capable of viewing files Portable Document Format (PDF); and a computer with at least a 133 MHz processor and a 28.8 modem. Additionally, we recommend that you have/use software to protect your computer from viruses, malware, spyware, phishing, and other forms of attack on your computer. You are responsible for selecting all systems, hardware and Your Internet service provider. You are also responsible for any defect, malfunction or interruption in service or security due to hardware failure, Your choice of Internet service provider and systems and computer services.

We are not responsible for any errors or failures cause by any malfunction of Your computer, and We are not responsible for any computer virus or related problems that may be associated with the use of Internet Banking, Your computer or other Internet-access device. You are responsible for all telecommunications charges incurred in connecting to Internet Banking and for charges by any service provider providing connection to the Internet.

5. Password and Security
Upon Your successful enrollment and/or login, You will be required to change Your password. Using Your password has the same effect as Your signature authorizing Transactions. You agree to safely keep the password, not to record the password or otherwise disclose or make the password available to anyone other than authorized users of Your Accounts. Anyone to whom You disclose Your password and anyone who has access to Your password will have full access to Your account information, including full access to Your Accounts. You have no ability to limit any such person's authority. If anyone uses Your password with Your permission, You will be responsible for any Transactions performed by that person.

6. Your Liability
Tell Us at once if You believe Your password has been lost, stolen or otherwise became available to an unauthorized person. Please contact Us immediately by telephone or in writing. Telephoning is the best way of keeping Your possible losses down. You could lose all the money in Your Accounts (plus Your maximum overdraft line of credit). If You tell Us within two Business Days, You can lose no more than $50 if someone used Your password without Your permission. If You do NOT tell Us within two Business Days after You learn of the loss or theft of Your password, and We can prove that We could have stopped someone from using Your password without Your permission, You could lose as much as $500.

Also, if Your statement shows transfers that You did not make, tell Us at once. If You do not tell Us within 60 days of the date We mail a periodic statement to You, You may not get any money You lost after the 60 days if We show that We could have stopped someone from taking the money if You would have told Us in time. If a good reason (such as a long trip or a hospital stay) kept You from telling Us, We will extend the time periods.

Your password can be changed at any time by logging in to Internet Banking. We recommend that you change it immediately if you suspect that it has been compromised in any way.

7. Contact in Event of Unauthorized Access
If You believe Your password has been lost or stolen or that someone may or has fraudulently accessed Your Account without Your permission, contact the Credit Union by phone (989-892- 4597), or write United Bay Community Credit Union, P.O. Box 160, 1309 N. Lincoln Avenue, Bay City, MI 48707, or contact Us via secure messaging through the Online Banking system ubay@HOME Home Banking.

8. Information about Bill Payment
You can pay bills either on an automatic recurring basis or periodically as You request. You are required to have a Share Draft account with Us to use Bill Payment.

To use Bill Payment, You will provide Us with the name and address of the Payee, Your Account number with that person and any other information We require to properly debit Your designated Bill Payment Account with Us and credit Your Bill Payment Account with the Payee. You agree to allow the number of days to process as indicated by the Processing Date for each Bill Payment. You also agree that Your Account will have sufficient Account Balance on the Processing Date. If Your Account does not have sufficient Account Balance, We will not process the payment.

If Your Account number or any other information changes, or if You wish to add or delete Payees, You must enter all such designations and changes in the appropriate fields through the Bill Payment application prior to the Processing Date. You authorize Us to make all changes submitted by You or any other person having access to Your password and Account information.

Bill Payments are processed either through an electronic transmission to the Payee or by check drawn from your Credit Union share draft account which We mail to the Payee. Payees who receive electronic delivery will receive Your Bill Payment information, including Your Account number with the Payee, through a secure network. All Credit Union share drafts are sent through the U.S. mail. Payments made by check are generally received and credited by most Payees within five to seven Business Days. If We receive any Payment Instructions from a Payee, We may follow those instructions, to help ensure that the Bill Payment is received by the Payee and promptly credited to Your Account.

9. Processing Date for Bill Payment
In order to ensure that Your Bill Payment will be received by the due date You specify during Bill Payment set-up, Bill Payment Account collected funds must be available on the Processing Date. The Processing Date is specified when You enter the payment in Bill Payment. Payments can be processed the same day You enter them, as long as they are entered in Bill Payment prior to 4:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time. If the payment is made electronically, Your Account will be debited on the Processing Date. If Your Account does not have sufficient Account Balance, We will not process the payment and You must re-enter the Transaction.

10. Prohibited Bill Payment and Service Limitations
Payments may be only to Payees with a United States address. You agree to not make a Bill Payment of alimony, child-support, taxes or other governmental fees, or court-directed payments. There is a $1.00 minimum for Bill Payment Transactions. The maximum permitted Bill Payment amount per Transaction is $1,100.00, and the maximum permitted Bill Payment amount per day is $2,200.00.

We reserve the right to refuse to pay any merchant or other person to whom You may direct a Bill Payment. We are obligated to notify You promptly if We decide to refuse to pay a Payee. This notification is not required if You attempt one or more of the prohibited Bill Payments set forth above.

11. Electronic Statement Communications
The electronic communication will be contained in, or attached to, an e-mail message that we send to the e-mail address you provide to us. An e-mail message will be sent to the e-mail address You specified when a new statement is made available in the Internet Banking system. Electronic versions of Your statement will be available from within the Internet Banking system. You may view, download, and print Your statement at any time. Electronic statements are held in and available from the Internet Banking system for a period of at least 36 months. Any statements not available may be obtained from Us. Charges may be assessed for Us to retrieve and provide you with statements.

12. Processing Date for Funds Transfer
We can process a Funds Transfer on the same Business Day as Your instructions, provided the system is available. If the system is unavailable at the time, Your instruction will be processed on the next available day.

13. Funds Transfer Limitations
You may transfer collected funds through Internet Banking in any amount between $0.01 and $9,999,999.00, subject to funds availability. Under federal regulations (commonly known as Reg D), You may make no more than six Funds Transfers and telephone transfers, including Internet Banking Transactions, per month from Your side share savings or money market deposit Account. Of these six Transactions, You are limited to no more than three Transactions per month by check, draft, debit card or similar order to third parties. Each Funds Transfer or Bill Payment from Your side share savings or money market deposit Account is counted as one of the six limited transfers You are permitted each month. (However, payments to Your loan accounts with Us are not counted toward this limit for side share savings and money market deposit accounts.)

14. Canceling an Order
You may cancel or edit a pending Funds Transfer or Bill Payment, until such time that the Transaction is processed, by selecting and accurately completing the appropriate fields from within the Bill Payment application. If We do not receive Your complete and accurate instruction canceling or editing a Bill Payment prior to such times, We will process the Transaction. This section applies to a recurring or a one-time Transaction.

15. Overdrafts
When You schedule a Funds Transfer or Bill Payment using Internet Banking, You authorize and are requesting Us to withdraw the necessary funds from Your Account with Us and make payments for You from Your Account. We debit the amount of Your Funds Transfer on the Business Day You instruct Us to process the Funds Transfer between Your Accounts. Each instruction to Us to withdraw or transfer from an Account is an order to Us to pay from that Account on the specified Processing Date. We debit the amount of Your Bill Payment from Your Account on the Processing Date. If we are unable to complete the transaction for any reason associated with Your Account (for example, there are not sufficient funds in Your Account to cover the transaction), the transaction may not be completed.

We may charge Funds Transfers and Bill Payments against the Account even though the charge creates an overdraft. In some instances You will receive a return notice from Us. In these cases, you agree that a non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee will be charged in accordance with the credit union's established and published service fees. Further, You also agree that a NSF fee may be charged to Your account even if the payment is not returned but is paid and overdraws Your Payment Account. If You overdraw Your Account, You agree to immediately pay Us the overdrawn amount together with any applicable fees. If the Account is maintained in connection with an overdraft credit plan, any overdraft will be made in accordance with the agreement or rules governing that Account rather than this Agreement.

By enrolling for and using this Bill Payment and Internet Banking You agree that We have the right to collect funds from all of Your Accounts to recover funds for all payments that have been requested to be paid by You and Your authorized user; this includes accounts on which You are the primary member-owner, as well as accounts on which You are the joint owner.

16. Fees
You authorize Us to charge You service fees identified in Our current fee schedule accompanying this Agreement, and it may be amended by Us from time to time. You are responsible for any and all telecommunications access fees or Internet service fees that may be assessed by Your telephone and/or Internet service provider.

17. Our Liability For Failure to Process Funds Transfer or Bill Payment
We will use Our best efforts to make all Your Bill Payments according to Your Payment Instructions. We will, however, incur no liability if We are unable to complete any Bill Payments initiated by You because of the existence of any one or more of the following circumstances:


If the Bill Payment would exceed the maximum permitted Bill Payment amount or Your Account Balance, or Your Account has been re-titled, closed, blocked for security reasons, or subject to legal process or other encumbrances restricting the transfer.


If the Bill Payment processing center is not working properly, and You know or have been advised by Us about the malfunction before You execute the Transaction.


If the Payee mishandles or delays a Bill Payment sent by Us.



If You have not provided Us with the correct names, phone numbers, or account information for those persons or entities to whom You wish to direct payment (Payee).


If circumstances beyond Our control (such as, but not limited to, fire, flood, postal delivery, or interference from an outside force) prevent the proper execution of the Transaction, and We have taken reasonable precautions to avoid those circumstances.


If You have not properly followed the instructions for using this service.


If Your operating system is not properly installed or functioning properly.


For errors or failures from any malfunctions of Your browser, Internet service provider, computer, computer virus or other problems relating to the computer equipment You use, including, without limitation, Your inability to access the web site or any part of the application.


For a failure to provide access or for interruptions in access due to system failure.

Provided none of the foregoing exceptions to the service performance obligations is applicable, if the Bill Payment or Home Banking service cause an incorrect amount of funds to be removed from Your Account, We shall be responsible for returning the improperly transferred funds to Your Account. If the Internet Banking service causes funds from Your Account to be directed to an incorrect Payee, You agree to help Us recover funds directed to the incorrect Payee. We will make every effort to direct to the proper recipient any previously misdirected Bill Payments.


18. Exclusion of Liability and Warranties

19. Web Content and Materials
The information and materials contained in this website (, - and the terms and conditions of the access to and use of such information and materials - are subject to change without notice. Not all products and services may be available in all geographic areas. Your eligibility for particular products and services is subject to Our final determination and acceptance. We and Our suppliers may discontinue or make changes in the information, products or services described herein at any time. Any dated information is published as of its date only, and We do not undertake any obligation or responsibility to update or amend any such information. We reserve the right to terminate any or all website offerings without prior notice to the user. Furthermore, by offering information, products or services via this Worldwide Website, no solicitation is made by Us to any person to use such information, products or services in jurisdictions where the provision of such information, products or services is prohibited by law.

Limitation of Liability
Because of the possibility of human and mechanical error as well as other factors, We are not responsible for any errors in Our omissions from information contained in or accessed through this website. All such information is provided "as is" to the user without express or implied warranties of any kind including the warranties of merchantability, non-infringement of intellectual property or fitness for any particular purpose. Furthermore, We will not be liable for any delay, difficulty in use, inaccuracy of information, computer viruses, malicious code or other defect in this website, or for the incompatibility between this website's files and the user's browser or other site accessing program or internet service provider. Nor will We be liable for any other problems experienced by the user due to causes beyond Our control. No license to the user is implied in these disclaimers.

Links to Other Sites
Links that are to non-United Bay Community Credit Union websites are provided solely as pointers to information on topics that may be useful to users of the United Bay Community Credit Union website, and We have no control over the content on such non- United Bay Community Credit Union websites. If you choose to link to a website not controlled by Us, We make no warranties, either express or implied, concerning the content of such a site, including the accuracy, completeness, reliability or suitability thereof for any particular purpose, nor do We warrant that such site or content is free from any claims of copyright, trademark or other infringement of the rights of third parties or that such site or content is devoid of viruses or other contamination. We do not guarantee the authenticity of documents on the Internet. Links to non- United Bay Community Credit Union sites do not imply any endorsement of or responsibility for the opinions, ideas, products, information or services offered at such sites, or any representation regarding the content at such sites.

Product offers, rates, terms, and other information provided herein are subject to change without notice. We may discontinue or make changes in the information, products or services described herein at any time. We reserve the right to terminate any or all web offerings without prior notice to the user. Due to occasional inaccessibility to our web site, We cannot guarantee completeness or accuracy of the information provided herein. We reserve the right, in Our sole discretion and without any obligation, to correct any error or omissions in any portion of the services, product or materials.

20. In Case of Errors or Questions
If You believe that there has been an error related to a Funds Transfer or other related service, You have questions or need more information about a Funds Transfer or related service, or You believe Your statement or receipt is wrong contact United Bay Community Credit Union at (989) 892-4597 or write Us at United Bay Community Credit Union, P.O. Box 160, 1309 N. Lincoln Avenue, Bay City, MI 48707 as soon as You can. We must hear from You no later than 60 Calendar Days after We sent You the FIRST statement on which the problem or error appeared.


Tell Us Your name and Account number (if any).


Describe the error or the transfer You are unsure about, and explain as clearly as You can why You believe it is an error or why You need more information.


Tell Us the dollar amount of the suspected error.


Please also include a telephone number at which You can be reached in the event We need any additional information.

If You tell Us orally, We retain the right to require that You send Us Your complaint or question in writing within 10 Business Days.

We will determine whether an error occurred within 10 Business Days after We hear from You and will correct any error promptly. If We need more time, however, We may take up to 45 days to investigate Your complaint or question. If We decide to do this, We will credit Your Account within 10 Business Days for the amount You think is in error, so that You will have the use of the money during the time it takes Us to complete Our investigation. If We ask You to put Your complaint or question in writing and We do not receive it within 10 Business Days, We may not credit Your Account.

The 10-day period in the preceding paragraph may be extended to 20 Business Days, if the error involves a transfer to or from the Account within 30 days after the first deposit to the Account was made. If the error involves an electronic transfer from Your Account to buy goods or services direct from a merchant, a transfer initiated outside of the United States or a transfer that occurred within 30 days after the first deposit to the Account was made, the 45 day time period to investigate Your complaint or question will be 90 days in place of 45 days.

We will tell You the results within three Business Days after completing Our investigation. If We decide that there was no error, We will send You a written explanation. If You received credit during the investigation, Your account will be debited at that time. You may request copies of the documents that We used in Our investigation for a reasonable charge.

21. Account Information Disclosure
The circumstances under which We may provide information about Your accounts to third parties are summarized in Our current privacy notice. You agree that We may deliver Our privacy notices and opt-out notices to You. You may access the privacy notice on or request a paper copy by writing to Us at United Bay Community Credit Union, P.O. Box 160, 1309 N. Lincoln Avenue, Bay City, MI 48707.

22. Third Parties
You understand that support and services are provided by third parties other than Us, and You authorize Us to contract with third parties to provide such support and service.

23. Electronic Record Consent
You consent to receive Electronic Records that may be required to be made available during the course of Your Internet Banking relationship with Us. You have a right to withdraw the consent to receive Electronic Records by notifying Us in writing at United Bay Community Credit Union, P.O. Box 160, 1309 N. Lincoln Avenue, Bay City, MI 48707 or via secure messaging through our Online Banking system (ubay@HOME Home Banking).

You authorize us to send you Electronic Communications by either of the following methods: The Electronic Communication will be contained in, or attached to, an e-mail message that we send to the e-mail address you provide to us.

The Electronic Communication will be posted to our Web site. We will send you a notice, either to the e-mail address you give us or to your mailing address, alerting you that a new Electronic Communication has been posted to the Web site. Account agreements, disclosures and communications that apply to all members will be posted to the public portion of our Web site. Electronic Communications specific to your account will be posted in the Electronic Statements application inside the Internet Banking system. An Electronic Communication posted to our Web site will be available for at least 90 days from the date it is posted or from the date we send notice alerting you to the Electronic Communication, whichever occurs last.

24. Your Right to Obtain Paper Copies
You have a right to obtain Electronic Records in paper form, upon request. You may obtain a paper copy of an Electronic Record by contacting Us by phone (989) 892-4597. We may charge photocopy fees identified in Our current fee schedule.

25. Periodic Statements
Your Account activity will appear on Your periodic account statement. If there are no transfers in a particular month, You will receive statements at least quarterly. You agree to review your account statement promptly after You receive it. If Your account statement shows a transaction that You did not authorize, You must notify Us at once. A copy of any documentation provided to you which indicates that an electronic fund transfer was made shall be admissible as evidence of such transfer and shall constitute prima facie proof that such transfer was made.

26. Notification of Change in Name or Address
You agree to notify Us promptly of any change via the Address Change form within ubay@HOME Home Banking, or in writing by mail to United Bay Community Credit Union, P.O. Box 160, 1309 N. Lincoln Avenue, Bay City, MI 48707, or in person at any United Bay Community Credit Union branch location.

27. Termination or Discontinuation
In the event You wish to discontinue Internet Banking or any ancillary services, You must notify Us in writing. Written notice of service discontinuance must be supplied ten (10) Business Days prior to the first day of the month to: United Bay Community Credit Union, P.O. Box 160, 1309 N. Lincoln Avenue, Bay City, MI 48707. You may also notify Us through secure messaging through our Online Banking service (ubay@HOME Home Banking). If You notify Us verbally, You must also send Us written notification. After Your proper notice is received by Us, the actual discontinuance date, for purposes of monthly fees, will be the first day of the next month. As such, monthly fees will not be pro-rated. You authorize Us to continue making transfers, bill payments and other transactions You have previously authorized until the first day of the next month following receipt of a proper election to terminate or discontinue Your Account. Once we have acted upon Your closing notice, we will make no further transfers, payments or transactions from Your Account, including transfers, payments or transactions you have previously authorized. Any one person who can use the Account is eligible to terminate this service. If more than one person is authorized to withdraw funds from Your Account, or if another person is authorized to electronically access Your Account, We cannot stop that person from using the Internet Banking services.

We may modify, suspend or terminate Your privilege of using Internet Banking services and may withhold approval of any transaction, at any time, without prior notice to You. In the event We terminate Your privileges, We will try to notify You in advance but are not required to do so. You will be notified as soon as practicable. Neither termination nor discontinuation shall affect Your liability or obligation under this Agreement. If either You or We end your rights to use the Internet Banking, We will no longer be required to complete any of your Internet Banking transactions. You will remain obligated to Us under this Agreement for all your Internet Banking transactions, even if they occur or are completed after this Agreement is ended.

28. Information Authorization
In order to facilitate Internet Banking or investigate fraud, it may be necessary to obtain additional information from other financial institutions, merchants or consumer credit reporting companies. By accepting and using Internet Banking, You agree that We have the right to request a review of Your credit rating at Our expense through an authorized bureau. In addition, You authorize Us to obtain information regarding Your Bill Payment Transaction from a merchant or other Payee to resolve payment-pending problems.

29. Disputes
In the event of a dispute regarding the Service, You agree to resolve the dispute by looking to this Agreement. You agree that this Agreement is the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between You and Us which supersedes any proposal or prior agreement, oral or written, and any other communications between You and Us relating to the subject matter of this Agreement. If there is a conflict between what one of Our employees says and the terms of this Agreement, the terms of this Agreement shall control.

30. Assignment
You may not assign this Agreement to any other party. We may assign this Agreement to Our successor in interest or to any, directly or indirectly, affiliated company. We may also assign or delegate certain of its rights and responsibilities under this Agreement to independent contractors or other third parties.

31. No Waiver
We shall not be deemed to have waived any of Our rights or remedies hereunder unless such waiver is in writing and signed by Us. No delay or omission on Our part in exercising any rights or remedies shall operate as a waiver of such rights or remedies or any other rights or remedies. A waiver on any one occasion shall not be construed as a bar or wavier of any rights or remedies on future occasions.

32. Governing Law
This Agreement is governed by the federal laws of the United States and the laws of the state of Michigan, unless otherwise required by federal or state law. Any issue relating to an Account or service with Us that you access through the Internet Banking service shall be governed by the laws specified in the agreement for that Account or service if there is a separate agreement for that Account or service.

33. Captions
The captions of the Sections contained herein are for convenience only and shall not control or affect the meaning or construction of any of the provisions of this Agreement.

34. Amendment
We may amend or change the terms and conditions, including all applicable fees and service charges, of this Agreement at any time. We will provide You with notice at least thirty (30) days before the amendment becomes effective by sending written notice to You at Your address on record with Us if the amendment or change will result in greater costs or liability to You or stricter limitations on the transfers You may make. To the extent permitted by applicable law, We will notify You of any such change or amendment electronically by posting such notice on our Internet Banking login page. If however, an immediate change in the terms and conditions is necessary for security reasons, We may amend these terms and conditions without such prior notice. Any use of the services after We send you notice of the change or amendment will constitute Your agreement to such change(s) or amendment(s). If you do not agree to the change or amendment, You must notify us prior to the effective date of the change or amendment and cancel your access to the Service.

Further, We may, from time to time, revise or update the programs, services, and/or related material, which may render all such prior versions obsolete. Consequently, We reserve the right to terminate this Agreement as to all such prior versions of the Internet Banking Service programs, services, and/or related material and limit access to the Service's more recent revisions and updates.

35. Conflict of Provisions
This Agreement is intended to supplement and not to replace other agreements between You and Us relating to Your accounts, including, without limitation, Our Deposit Account Rules. In the event of a conflict between this Agreement and any other Account rules and agreements that apply to Your accounts, this Agreement shall govern and prevail, unless otherwise specified in this Agreement.

36. Effective Date
The effective date of this Agreement is March 5, 2018.

You will not be charged for our Internet Banking Service at this time. In the future the Board may elect to implement a fee. We may charge you a monthly inactivity fee for $5.00 Bill Payment, pursuant to our Fee Schedule. We may charge you additional fees. We may charge you a $30.00 stop payment fee to stop payment on a check issued to pay a Payee pursuant to our Online Bill Payment Service. We may also charge you a non-sufficient funds ("NSF") or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) uncollected funds fee and/or Return Check each time an item is returned for insufficient or uncollected funds. You authorize us to automatically deduct these fees and any other service fees from your Share Draft Account or any other Account. We may change or add fees for our Internet Banking services by following the procedures set forth in this Agreement. You will be responsible for any and all telecommunications access fees or Internet service fees that may be assessed by your telephone and/or Internet service provider.

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