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Security of your account and online activity with UBCCU is one of our highest priorities. In order to protect your accounts, we utilize several different security features. Specifically for UBAY2GO Mobile Banking, we have employed the following security measures.

UBAY2GO Application
The app uses encryption to keep all data transmitted between UBCCU and your device secure and confidential. The app does not store any confidential information on your mobile device. Additionally, the application is set so that you must enter your password each time you use the application.

UBAY2GO Mobile Web Browser
Just like the application, all data is encrypted between the UBCCU servers and your device.

One Time PIN for all mobile systems
In addition to the security features listed, we have incorporated the use of a One Time PIN in to the registration process. The One Time PIN is sent to the email address that you have provided to UBCCU and is on file, and is used to notify you that your device is being registered and for you to verify that you requested it.

Other security
UBCCU also employs several other systems and procedures to ensure that our computer systems and the information contained within is safe and protected.

Because of the portability of mobile devices they can be become lost or stolen much easier than a normal computer. We recommend that you also consider taking the following actions, as well, to increase the security of your mobile device and the information it may contain:

* Use your device's power-on or home screen password feature
* Never share or store your login information, such as passwords or PINs
* Save m.ubccu.org in your browser bookmarks to avoid entering the wrong site
* Use UBCCU's eAlerts to help monitor your account activity
* Consider using an application that allows for remotely tracking and erasing your device
* If your device becomes lost or stolen - immediately change your password via UBAY@Home Internet Banking, contact the CU so that we can remove the mobile device from your account, and contact your cellular carrier to have them assist. See the Questions section for additional information.


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