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MemberPay Bill Pay

Pay all your bills quickly and securely with funds from your credit union Share Draft (Checking) Account. That's the convenience of UBCCU's MemberPay Bill Payment service.

No more writing checks, addressing envelopes, or hunting for stamps!

Here are some of the features of MemberPay:

  • Faster check to electronic conversion - based on the information you enter, if the payee already exists in the system for electronic payment, it will be converted immediately to electronic for your account.
  • eBills - pull your billing information in to MemberPay - no hunting for the information - more Info
  • Notifications - we have added several different options to help remind you about bills to pay. You can set up reminders by e-mail or while in the system. You can also set up notification via e-mail when certain E-MemberPay transactions occur.
  • Calendar View - we have added a new way to see when your bills are being paid. Calendar view allows you to see when payments have been scheduled and will be paid. Also, reminders you set are shown in calendar view, as well.
  • Gift Checks - want to make birthdays, holidays, and other gift giving opportunities really simple? You can send a check directly from your account, along with a personalized card.*
  • Rush Payment Option - Ever have that occasion where you need to get a bill paid fast? Now you can right from your account. You can send payments, by check, for Next day or Second day delivery.**
  • Donation Payments - you can make charitable donations direct from your account. Set up the charity of your choice and make payments to them as often as you like.

You can see MemberPay in action - check the demo site by clicking here:

Click here if you want more details on how to sign up for E-Branch Home Banking.

*A service fee of $2.99 applies to all gift checks.
**A service fee of $19.95 applies to any Next Business Day rush check payments. A service fee of $14.95 applies to any Second Business Day rush check payments. A service fee of $4.95 applies to any Second Business Day rush electronic payments (if available).

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