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Wouldn't it be great to have a personal assistant that monitors your credit union accounts every day and tells you when certain checks clear, when an account balance is getting too high or too low, or when there has been a debit or deposit transaction? If so, then UBCCU’s eAlerts is just what you've been looking for!

This feature in UBay@Home Internet Banking will help you prevent potentially embarrassing or costly situations by allowing you to schedule an email to be sent to you when one of your accounts meets the requirements that you define. eAlerts are really easy to set up.

Exactly what are eAlerts?

eAlerts is a free service provided by United Bay Community Credit Union through UBay@Home Internet Banking. They are convenient notifications of activity and changes on your account. You choose which Alerts you receive and how you receive them, either via email or text message.

Please note: Alerts are intended as a communications resource and should not be used as a substitute for careful personal account management.

How Other Members Use eAlerts:

  • Head off "bounced" checks and overdraft fees by sending a reminder that a checking account balance is getting too low.

  • Receive a notification that they have saved enough money to buy that new computer, take that vacation, or meet some other savings goal.

  • Receive an notification about their deposits or withdrawals.

  • Be informed when a gift check or bill payment has cleared their account.

What can the eAlert Service do for me?

You can choose a threshold dollar amount or type of transaction and you’ll automatically be notified when those specific transactions go through your account.

Where are Alerts in Online Banking?

Log into Online Banking, click on the Services Tab at the top of the screen. Then select "Continue" next to the Enhanced eAlerts option. Input your preferred contact method and add alerts to your account.

What types of Alerts are there?

Account Balance Alerts

Set a minimum and maximum balance and be alerted if either are reached

Check Cleared Alerts

Choose a specific or range of check numbers and be alerted when they clear your account

Withdrawal Transaction Alerts

Set an amount for withdrawals, and if any occur for that amount or more, you will be alerted

Deposit Transaction Alerts

Set an amount for deposits, and if any occur for that amount or more, you will be alerted

E-Mail Address Change Alert

When enabled, if your e-mail address is changed on your account, you will be alerted

Loan Payment Reminder Alert

Send yourself a reminder a few days before your payment is due

Name/Address Change Alert

When enabled, if your home address is changed on your account, you will be alerted

Account Locked

When enabled, if your online banking account becomes locked due to invalid login attempts, you will receive and alert

Daily Balance Alert

When enabled, you will receive a daily notification of your account balance


What Alerts Are Available?

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