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Questions & Answers - E-iPay

What is E-iPay?
E-iPay is United Bay Community Credit Union’s online bill payment service.
How do I apply for E-iPay?

To activate and access your E-iPay account you will need an active E-Branch Home Banking account and password; along with a UBCCU Share Draft account. Once in E-Branch Home Banking, you can sign up for E-iPay.

If you do not have a password or need to reset it, please contact our Call Center at (989) 892-4597 or (800) YOUR-OWN.

Can a joint member apply for E-iPay?
No. The same stipulations apply for E-iPay as E-Branch Home Banking, you must be the primary account holder to sign an account up.
Is there a charge?
This service is currently free of charge for United Bay Community Credit Union credit union members, as long as the service is used. If the service is inactive for a period of 30 days, you will be charged a $5.00 service fee. This fee will be charged after each period of inactivity.
What can I do with E-iPay?
E-iPay is more than just a way to pay your bills online, it allows you to set up one time and reoccurring bill payment features.
When is E-iPay it available?
E-iPay is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. If you are having trouble accessing E-iPay, please click here to check the compatiblity of your web browser.
Can I make payments from any of my UBCCU accounts?
No, all payments must come out of your UBCCU checking account.
Who can I pay with E-iPay?
You can make payments to anyone in the US, with the exclusion of government, tax and court ordered payments.
Can I make recurring payments?
Yes, you can make single or recurring payments.
Is there a transaction limit?
Yes, any single payment can not exceed $25,000.
How do I access E-iPay?

Log into E-Branch Home Banking and select Bill Payment from the top menu and the MemberPay selection on the left pane. A new window will pop up. If your web browser is blocking pop-ups, a page explaining how to allow this to occur will be displayed.

If this is your first time accessing E-iPay, you will have to read and accept the enrollment agreement and go through the various steps required to set up the account.


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