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Questions & Answers - E-Alerts

How do I turn Alerts on?
Log into Online Banking, click eAlerts in the left sidebar. Set up your e-mail addresses; then, choose the Alerts you wish to receive. Some alerts have options you will need to set up.
How do I add or change my e-mail address?

To add or change your delivery options, simply go to the Alerts section in Online Banking and click on the e-mail addresses. The next screen will give you options to set the e-mail addresses you want alerts sent to.

Be aware that these e-mail addresses do not have to correspond with the e-mail address on your account, and will not change if you change your primary e-mail address on the account.

Will Alerts arrive instantly?
Currently, alerts are sent at 9:15 am, 12:15 pm, and 4:15 pm (EST). Usually Alerts arrive at the normal speed of an email or text message, nearly immediately - but depending your e-mail/cellular phone provider - alerts can be delayed.
Will Alerts contain sensitive account information?
For your security, Alerts will not contain your account number, include hyperlinks or request you to answer personal questions.
How do I turn Alerts off?
Log into Online Banking, click eAlerts on the left sidebar. Click the Remove link next to Alerts you no longer wish to receive.
Is there a fee to receive Alerts via text messages?
United Bay Community Credit Union provides Alerts free of charge. However, standard text messaging fees may apply. Consult your cell phone provider, if you have questions about your text message rate.
Why am I not receiving Alerts?
First, log into Online Banking to verify your Alerts settings and e-mail addresses. If you still are not receiving Alerts, check your email account's spam filter to make sure the message is not being blocked, or call your cell phone provider, whichever delivery method applies. Also, alerts are sent 3 times a day.
Does the low balance Alert reflect current or available balance, and how many times will I be Alerted?
A low balance Alert reflects the current balance at the time of the alert. If you take no action and the balance remains at or below the threshold, you will receive another low balance Alert during the next alerting cycle (9:15 am, 12:15 pm, and 4:15 pm).


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