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United Bay Community Credit Union
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Payroll Deduction

By signing up for payroll deduction, you can have a portion of your net pay transferred directly to your account with UBCCU.  This is a free service that offers a convenient way to establish a regular savings program by setting up automatic transfers to accounts that are with UBCCU. For example, you can set an automatic transfer of $25 from your payroll into a Christmas Club Savings Account or make a payment on your UBCCU loan.

Click here if you would like to know more about our savings accounts or click here to learn about our various loan offerings.

To sign up for payroll deduction, go to your payroll department with your UBCCU account number and UBCCU's routing number (272476996).


Mission Statement
The mission of United Bay Community Credit Union is to be our members' primary financial
institution, providing them with quality, confidential, professional and personal service, while
maintaining a sound and stable credit union.

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