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Enjoy special offers from your favorite merchants instantly through our money-saving Prewards® program. You'll receive discount offers from merchants via your choice of email, the web, or text messages. There are no coupons to clip or codes to remember in order to redeem these offers. Simply use your debit card to make the purchase and you'll realize the savings instantly!

Your UBCCU Debit Card is already enrolled. Now you just need to set up your Preferences.

Click here to get started. In the registration process, we'll ask you for a few pieces of information in order to learn more about you and ensure that the offers we send will be of the highest value to you as a consumer. The savings are easy!

You can access your Prewards® account anytime to view and redeem available offers, change your personal information and change preferences.

Here are a few things to know when shopping:

  1. The person at the merchant checkout will not necessarily know that there is a discount associated with your purchase, but rest assured that your Preward® will be redeemed. If you provide your cell phone number when enrolling, we'll even send you a text message after your purchase to let you know it was redeemed!
  2. Your transaction will be processed for the original amount at the time of purchase; with a separate credit for the savings amount to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Preward®?
A Preward® is a digital incentive (like a coupon) that is linked to a debit card. Merchants offer these incentives to cardholders for them to enjoy at their restaurants, stores or places of business.
How do I enroll in the Prewards® program?
You may enroll through the Prewards® site. You will be prompted for personal information to authenticate your card. You will also be prompted for an email address and cell phone number, which will be used for communicating the Preward® offers. Finally, you will be prompted for some optional demographic data which will be used to ensure that the appropriate offers are sent.
I received an error when trying to enroll in Prewards®. Why am I unable to enroll?
Only Debit Cards can be enrolled. UBCCU ATM cards are not eligible for this program. If the card is closed, blocked, or inactive, it cannot be enrolled. Additionally, if the information entered during enrollment does not match the information on file, then enrollment will fail.

If the card was opened very recently, the data used for verification may not be loaded yet. Allow one week from the time of the card open.
How do I know when a Preward® is available to me?
If you provided an email address when registering for Prewards®, you will receive an email as notification of a new Preward® offer. You may also log into your Prewards® account to view available offers. If you do not receive emails, please check your Spam or Junk email folder to confirm that Prewards® emails are not being filtered out.
How are Prewards® redeemed?
You must simply use the enrolled card at the merchant in order to redeem the Preward®. The merchant most likely will not know that a Preward® is associated with the transaction. The redemption happens independent of the merchant transaction processing.
I completed a transaction at a merchant that was offering a Preward®, however I didn't receive a credit.
Most offers have a minimum spend amount associated with them. Please confirm that dollar amount spent met the minimum required. Most offers have a timeframe associated with them. Please confirm that the date of the transaction was within that timeframe.
How do I know if a Preward® was successfully redeemed?
You will receive a text message notification of redemption if you provided a cell phone number at enrollment. A cardholder may also log into your Prewards® account to confirm that a Preward® has been redeemed.
Will the I see the Preward® redemtion on my sales receipt?
No, the Preward® redemption will not show on the sales receipt. The Preward® transaction is processed separately from the original merchant purchase transaction.
How do I receive the credit for the Preward®?
The credit will settle to your account in the same manner that other transactions settle, through UBCCU's normal settlement process for card based transaction activity.
How do I see what I have saved with the Prewards® program?
The "Savings History" page on your Prewards® account will reflect the savings realized with the Preward® program. You can also view any past redemptions through the Prewards® account.
What if a local merchant doesn't currently offer Prewards®?
We are very interested to know from which merchants you would like to receive Prewards®. Feel free to send us your suggestions via the "Contact Us" page on the site.
Will all members receive the same Preward® offers?
Not necessarily. The Preward® offers are based on location, demographic information, and previous spending habits, therefore not all members will receive the same offers.
What if I am issued a new card number because a previous card was lost or stolen, will I need to re-enroll in Prewards®?
Yes, you will need to re-enroll with the new card number.
Are Prewards® applicable to both PIN and Signature transactions?
Yes, both types of transactions are eligible for Prewards®.
How will the Preward® appear on the my statements?
The original qualifying transaction will post to your account for the full amount, like other card purchases or transactions. Prewards® credit settlements will appear as a separate transaction to the account, and will show on your account statement as well.
What if my transaction is declined for insufficient funds, but I have enough funds available for the transaction with the Preward® included?
The transaction will be authorized for the full amount, therefore you must have funds available for the transaction amount without the Preward® included.
What if I return an item that originally qualified for a Preward®?
If you return an item for which you received a Preward® credit, the merchant may or may not debit you for the Preward® amount. This is at the discretion of each merchant.
The credit for the Preward® posted to my account before the debit for the purchase did. Is this normal?
This could happen if the original transaction was performed as a signature based transaction. The Preward® credit is sent through for settlement the same business day as the transaction, whereas the signature based purchase may take a few days to settle.


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