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UBCCU Web Addresses

Online safety is important, and UBCCU wants our members to be secure in their use of our sites. In order to provide our membership with the best mix of online services and information, UBCCU maintains several different web addresses (also referred to as URLs). Additionally, we partner with different vendors and integrate in to their web sites and systems.

For your reference, any time when using UBCCU's web sites and online systems, you may see any of the following addresses:

Web Site Addresses

  • www.ubccu.org
  • m.ubccu.org
  • www.ubccu.net

Home Banking and eServices Addresses

  • www.netteller.com
  • mobile.mdtsaas.com
  • mdtapps.com

Other Site Addresses

  • www.dreampoints.com

For other sites linked from UBCCU to other resources, we employ a "speed bump" message. This message will appear anytime you click a link from our web site to resources that are outside of the UBCCU (or partner) web sites and systems. This message is intended to make you aware that any content or information you see after that message is not controlled by, approved by, or property of UBCCU.



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the financial support they need to establish roots and thrive.

Providing our members the resources
to develop strong financial roots.

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