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Why You Must Watch Your Holiday Statements

Store-to-store shopping, repeat trips to the supermarket, online gift searches and winter travel - the holidays are a time of high activity, especially for your wallet. Balance this bag with that box; wait in that line; pull out your wallet countless times.

Being focused on that perfect purchase can lead you to let your guard down, or even forget to double check that your card makes it back into your billfold.

Like your tree, your wallet needs trimming

  • Leave anything with your Social Security number on it at home
  • Only take the credit cards, store cards and/or checks you will need
  • Keep receipts in a location separate from your merchandise
  • Be extra vigilant about debit cards, which are linked to your bank account

Safe holiday shopping on the Internet

  • Ensure you are making purchases with reputable online merchants
  • Look for security and privacy policy statements
  • Inquire about return and exchange policies, fees and the dispute process
  • Check to be sure you have good contact information for customer service
  • Choose encrypted, secure sites with a lock icon in the bottom bar or address field
  • Pay for merchandise with a major credit card, like Visa®

Add statement review to your to-do list

Last but not least, carefully read your credit card and account statements as soon as they arrive. Catching unusual activity as soon as possible is one of the best ways to prevent or limit fraud.


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